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Marquise Claw Stone


Marquise Claw Stone
  • Size
    4*8, 4*15, 5*10, 6*12, 7*15, 17*32mm
  • Color
    P Pearl
  • Shape
  • Type
  • Use
    Garment, Shoes&Bags, DIY Craft, Decoration


sunmei clawed rhinestone

S66 Series Clawed Rhinestone

Clawed Rhinestone, originated from the combination of Sunmei Acrylic Rhinestone and copper claw.

The claws, designed based on Sunmei Acrylic Rhinestone, are made from H65 copper claw which is thicker than those in the market. Thus, the combination is seamless. The stones will not fall off and the claw will not scratch the fabric easily. Products can be widely used on garments, shoes, bags and other accessories.


The best clawed stone in the market.

The base claw is exclusively designed for our rhinestones, so they could match perfectly. When we were developing the mold, we focused on every detail of the claw, including the length and its shape.

The shape of the claw is narrow on the top and wide at the base. It could strengthen the claw so the stone will not fall off easily. Besides, the top of the claw is in an arc shape. Thus, it is unlikely to scratch and damage the fabric.

sunmei clawed rhinestone feature


A thicker and stronger claw.

The thickness of the copper claw is over 0.2mm which is thicker than the commonly used copper on the market. There is a standard thickness for the claw of each item in accordance with its size and shape. Thus, the well-designed claw can combine with the stone perfectly.


sunmei clawed rhinestone feature上美爪鑽特色

sunmei clawed rhinestone feature

A great variety of styles.

Most of the clawed rhinestones on the market are pointback stone and transparent color. There are not so many choices for the styles. SUNMEI developed a great variety of styles for clawed rhinestone, including flatback stones and cabochons. Combining these stones with the cooper claw gives the product a different look.

sunmei clawed rhinestone feature

Numerous colors and effects.

There are over 360 colors and effects for SUNMEI Acrylic Rhinestone, including transparent, opal, pearl and other special effects. Apart from the stones, the cooper metallic base can also be applied with different finishes. Not matter it’s spring/summer or fall/winter design, we provide designers with a complete selection for the accessories. They are able to create their unique styles without limitation.

sunmei clawed rhinestone feature


SUNMEI uses a better copper material, H65 cooper, for the claws. It contains less than 0.009% lead (<90ppm) which is lower than H62 cooper commonly used on the market. For the rhinestone, it is made from CHIMEI ACRYLIC, one of the best acrylic raw material in the world. It contains no heavy metal and environmental-friendly.

You could view more information of the raw material on CHIMEI website.

sunmei clawed rhinestone feature

Efficienct production capacity. Fast delivery.

We use a mold exclusively developed for our claw stone to combine the claw and rhinestone. Each production is under quality control to make sure the goods are in a perfect condition. There is a production line for clawed rhinestone so that the production is efficiency and the delivery is fast.


sunmei acrylic rhinestone application

These products could be widely used, for example, on garments, wedding dresses, shoes, bags.

S66 Series Clawed Rhinestone
productsMarquise Claw Stone
Item no.S6615
Size4*8, 4*15, 5*10, 6*12, 7*15, 17*32mm
ColorP Pearl
UseGarment, Shoes&Bags, DIY Craft, Decoration