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  • Size
    4*6, 6*8, 8*10, 10*12, 10*14, 13*18, 15*21, 18*25, 21*30, 30*40mm
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  • Use
    Garment, Shoes&Bags, DIY Craft, Decoration


sunmei k series acrylic rhinestone

K Series Acrylic Rhinestone

The reflection of the rhinestones appears differently between flat back and point back. With diverse colors and effects, our rhinestones could present the brilliance like diamond or simplicity like stone. There are many kinds of styles, colors and effects. Combined with other material by gluing or inlaying, products can be made as garment accessories, ornaments, decoration, etc.


sunmei acrylic rhinestone feature1

There are dozens of styles and new product released regularly.

We develop dozens of styles for each series of products. Great diversity of designs and cuttings give acrylic rhinestone a new look. Besides, new products are released regularly. SUNMEI keeps adding new shapes, sizes and colors so as to provide the most variety to our customers.

Download the catalogue for all styles.

sunmei acrylic rhinestone feature2

With 4 color systems and 8 effects, there are over 350 choices.

To provide a wide range of choices, we develop 4 color systems and 8 effects. They are transparent, H opal, P pearl and F opaque. For the effects, there are C ceramic, D ab ceramic, E marble, M matte, J pearl, Y/J special, YSA colored marble and laser engraving.  View color chart of all colors.

More detail information of each color effects:

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100% made in Taiwan. High and Stable Quality.

Quality is always what we are proud of. Every single product produced in SUNMEI is made by the effort of each of our staff. With EPR manufacturing system controlled in the whole production process, our products feature high quality and stableness.

We control every step of the process and every single order. Every single production has its lot number, so we can track them easily. Once we get complaint from our client, we are able to track and solve the problem immediately.


sunmei acryilc rhinestone application

By gluing or inlaying ,to combine with other material. They could be made as ornaments, garment accessories, decoration as much as you could imagine.

Combined with other material by gluing or inlaying, there are various applications for K series acrylic rhinestone. They can be used on shoes, bags, clothing, wedding gowns, hair accessories, decorations, nail arts, hand crafts and etc.

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K Series Acrylic Rhinestone
Item no.K1023
Size4*6, 6*8, 8*10, 10*12, 10*14, 13*18, 15*21, 18*25, 21*30, 30*40mm
UseGarment, Shoes&Bags, DIY Craft, Decoration
sunmei acrylic rhinestone color chart