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The Featured Spray Effect - Every Style is One of the Kind.

The newly released YSA Spray and J-series have up to 32 kinds of featured color effect!

The solid color rhinestones has brand new looks, after different kinds of finishes. If we keep quite about the finishes, no one would have the right guess.

Above all, because we spray the color on the rhinestones randomly, so each products has different kinds of spray pattern. Like a piece of hand-made artwork, every rhinestone is one of the kind!

YSA Spray Effect

The YSA spray effext serie has various of colors: darker tones like brown, blackish green and dark red; or macaron color tones. There are totally 16 colors for you to choose. Designers are able to use different colors to match with their creations.

CCYSA-CN-YSA color chart_v1

Other then that, we have another effect similar like YSA spraying called: E Marble Effect which imitates the marbel pattern.

Rhinestones with E Marble Effect are even more outstanding!


J Special Effect

Compare to YSA spray effect, the J special effect series is even more diverse: brush painted, silk-liked, leopard print, hawksbill print, gold, silver, brass and etc.
CCYJ-NN-YJ color chart_v1

These products can be widely used. They are most popuplar on accessories like earrings, necklace, braclets, rings and hair pins. 

There are surely many other kinds of usage. They can be use on anywhere you could think of!

SUNMEI has also bonded this series of product with cooper bases and sew-on bases, so that our customers are able to sew them on anywhere possible easily. 

These sew-on bases are developed for our products, so the claws and the bases can be bonded with the rhinestone perfectly.

YSA spray effect clawed rhinestones. They are really unique, compare to common transparent clawed rhinestones.

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Special effect rhinestones on sew-on bases (SA Series)
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YSA spray effect rhinestones bonded with transparent acrylic sew-on bases

Like this product series? If you have any ideas or questions, you are always welcome to send us a message!

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