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Sew on Rhinestone Collection

Except the rhinestone without hole (K series) , SUNMEI had also developed sewed rhinestone series.

The products of this series could be sewed on the finished product directly. Your creativity will not be limited by the problems like the size of the metal base.

Because of their easy-to-use character, plus the glamour surface, the sew on rhinestones can be widely use, for example, on garments, shoes and packaging materials. 

SUNMEI has 5 series of sew on rhinestones:
  1. B Series Sew on Rhinestone
  2. M Series Rhinestone with middle hole
  3. S66 Series Clawed Rhinestone
  4. SA Series Rhinestone in Sew on settings
  5. SC Series Four Dots Clawed Rhinestone

Each rhinestone series has various kind of styles and colors. 4 color series and 8 kind of effects. We offer over 360 kinds of options  for our customers. 

>>click here for all the colors and effects.

sunmei acrylic rhinestone feature


B Series Sew on Rhinestone

Our sew on rhinestones are different from the market, because our product are molded right after injection. Thus, the sewing holes will not be blocked during the production. the size of the wholes are also equally molded.

Different designs of the cutting have given the surface diverse looks, for example, the turtle surface, mirror surface and the shinny surface  etc. There are not only numerous kinds of surfaces to choose from, but also numerous of shapes. The sew on rhinestones are available in a great variety of surfaces and shapes. 

The sew on rhinestones with different surfaces.

The B series has totally 39 kinds of styles. All sizes are available.



M Series Rhinestone with Middle Hole

The M series is rhinestones with a central hole. There are 9 kinds of styles, various kinds of shapes and colors to choose from. They are widely used on wedding dresses, gowns, costumes or other decorations.

All shapes and sizes of M Series


S66 Series Clawed Rhinestone

The technique is originated from the setting method. No matter they are with transparent rhinestones or other effects, the cooper metallic  base could always bring out the beauty of the dimond. Applying on fabrics will make the garments stand out!

We use the H65 cooper, which is thicker than the commonly used copper on the market. we have developed the base claw exclusively for our rhinestones, so that they could match perfectly. the rhinestones will not fall off easily and the base will unlikely to damage the fabrics, too.

Clawed rhinestones are not only suitable for garments, but also for accessories like, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The metallic textured with shiny rhinestones will give the accessories a luxurious look and make them more valuable.


The two following series are exclusive developed by SUNMEI.


SA Series Rhinestone in Sew on Setting

In order to avoid the problems like yarn hooking and stones falling, we have created the sew-on bases which are similar to cooper claws. 

The most common color of the claw bases are gold and silver, but we have created more options for this series. There are transparent, black acrylic and silver bases and bases with metallic gold or silver frame. Different bases can be combined with different kinds of rhinestone, which means numerous of choices!

Seven effects for bases of the SA series

Each different kinds of rhinestones can be bonded with any kinds of settings.  

Four-Dots-Clawed Rhinestones (SC Series)

The four-dots-clawed rhinestone is a upgraded version of the SA series (Sew-on settings), which combines the prong setting and bazel settings methods. 

This is also one of the 2017 new released exclusive product by SUNMEI.

We have developed 9 kinds of shapes, totally 27 kinds of styles for this series. There are more then 360 color effects for each style available. We want to offer you a variety of choices


>> See more detailed information about the SC series

If you want to know more about the products of the sew-on setting series, please feel free to contact us