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Cutomized Acrylic Mirror Even for Small Quantity

Other then the basic styles, we are able to customize your design by laser cutting. 

This series of products are 2-3mm acrylic mirror which are laser cut with different design. There are various of designs for you to choose.

SUNMEI offers a various kinds of basic designs for your reference, including the alphabet, numbers and other geometric shapes. Other then that, we also have these design with single, double, three and four holes, which allow you to sew on your products easily. 


Basic Items: Alphabet and Numbers


Acrylic with Cetral Holes


Acrylic Mirrow with Holes on the Sides


Special Shapes


Laser Cut Designs

Please refer the link for the complete catalogue

There are not only the transparent kinds of acrylic mirrow, we offer 15 acylic colors for you to choose. Our customers are able to mix different kinds of colors for their designs. 


Products Applications
Acrylic mirror products are mostly used on garments, shoes, bags and other accessories. 

Most importantly, SUNMEI can customize your acrylic mirror design, even for small quantity. Different styles, shapes or sizes, any design, SUNMEI is able to make it!

Do you have any idea for your deisgn? You are welcome to send us a message any time!

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