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4 Main Advantages

Over 20 years’ experience. A very reliable supplier.

SUNMEI is a one stop acrylic rhinestone and button manufacturer with more than 20 years' experience that based in Taiwan. We specialize in garment accessory for over 20 years. SUNMEI can assure our customers that our products are with very high and stable quality. There is no difference between each batch of production.

ERP manufacturing system. High quality.

We control every step of the process and every single order. At SUNMEI, we use EPR manufacturing system to manage our production line. Every single production has its lot number, so we can track them easily. Once we get complaint from our client, we are able to track and solve the problem immediately.

Over 10 thousands of choices. Keep innovating.

SUNMEI offers our customers a wide range of styles including designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. We provide our clients a wide selection of colors and designs. With strong R&D and high manufacturing capability, we release new designs and effects regularly. Also, clients are welcome to make their own design.

Bulk running stock. Very fast delivery.

With bulk running stock, we are able to deliver the goods quickly. To shorten the lead time and give our customers a very prompt delivery, we have bulk running stock in our factory. Our customers may make an order today, and we deliver the goods today. With branches in both Taiwan and China, goods can be delivered from Guangzhou or Taiwan.


10 reasons why you should choose us

Option 01Made in Taiwan
Option 02Strong R&D Capability
Option 03Total Quality Management
Option 04Wide Range of Choices
Option 05ERP Manufacturing System
Option 06Stable & High Quality
Option 07Free Sample
Option 08OEM/ ODM
Option 09Best Service
Option 10New Design Release Regularly